A provider of software localization and translation services since 1996, we assist our clients in creating Czech and Slovak versions of software products. With an experienced team of localization engineers, testers and program managers, we deliver on time and to the highest quality standards.

At The Heart Of Localization

We believe in the power of localization. Only a localized product can be used efficiently and to its full potential. While machine translation that would produce comprehensible Slavic text without massive post-editing is still decades away, localization is a domain of humans. And we love working with words! Many a passionate discussion has been had in our office about the best possible translation of a term. Create a new term or adapt the English one? Singular or plural? Genitive or nominative case? What do the press and media use? And internet discussion groups? We are not happy until we find a translation that will make the product easy to understand and use. We know all too well that badly localized user interface can render a product severly limited or outright unusable.

Growing Market

Czech Republic (10.3 mil. people) and Slovakia (5.5 mil.) joined the European Union in 2004. Both markets have been growing dynamically with GDP growth rates of 5.7% and 7.3% in 2006. General growth translates into expanding IT and communications markets, with indicators like IT expenditure, PC and internet and mobile penetration growing fast.

Foreign Language Knowledge Lags Behind Other EU Members

According to a recent EU poll, only 24% Czechs and 32% Slovaks are able to have a conversation in English (compare to 59% in Belgium or 86% in Denmark). For most users, a product without localized UI and documentation is practically unusable.

Legal Protection

In both countries, distributors and re-sellers are legally obliged to provide localized instructions and documentation for imported products. Slovak legislation even codifies the use of Slovak language in government information systems.